Mother Mary, the Virgin Mother, has been helping humanity for centuries. Realizing this world has many perceptions, she presents herself as both spiritual and religious. Her love and guidance touch our hearts with comfort and surety that we are loved and supported divinely. She has presented herself in times of need with messages for world peace. She comes to us now to encourage a deep awareness of the divine within, and to support our experience of greater meaning in life.  She is nurturing spiritual growth, raising awareness, and lifting the vibration of this planet to bring peace and love, which are so much needed.

Though I believe Mary has been present and available in my life as she is for everyone, I only became aware of her presence in January 2010.  Nine years had passed since my head injury that had significantly changed my life. Healing and awakening were taking place for me, though I was unprepared when Mary appeared. My body felt held in a strong profoundly loving energy. The warm intense love filled me to the point of uncontrollable tears rolling down my face.  I had a deep sense of knowing beyond my conscious knowledge and I heard her message through clear thoughts placed in my mind. I deeply sensed her grace and beauty and profound love for us all.

Like others who have experienced a Divine visitation or apparition, I was completely in awe and amazement of the experience and felt deeply blessed. Though in that moment, I had known so clearly what was happening and how real it was, I couldn't fully explain what happened nor could my mind fully grasp how it happened. I was grateful that for my own validation, I was with a dear friend who also had awakened to her spiritual senses and saw Mary in the room and heard her same message.

I have followed Mary’s message, working with her and creating a pure channel for her love and guidance. I have helped her bring through a beautiful modality for spiritual growth and healing to access and support the divine within self. 

In pure grace,
Cheryl Banfield