Guidance From Beyond: Intuitive / Mediumship Readings:
$50 / 30 minutes, $100 / 60 minutes
Spirit guidance and insight for direction and transitions in life.

LoveLight Energy Healing/Clearing $25 / 15 minutes, $50 / 30 minutes, $100 / 60 minutes
Can include one or a combination of the following:
       -works with light centers for acceleration of spiritual awareness, opening abilities, and connection to higher self.
       -removes energetic blocks, emotions, patterns, and past life memories to allow natural healing of the physical body.
       -quartz crystal and sacred geometry are used to enhance and accelerate ascension work. Helps to balance the integration of spiritual and physical experience.
       -Out of Body Experience provides the opportunity to allow: Opening to meet angels and guides, connecting with loved ones, spirit guides, and angels, and experiencing the Spiritual/Divine plane. 
-Allows your natural flow of energy for optimal health.

LoveLight Massage: Traditional massage is taken to a higher vibration by combining the LoveLight energy; soothing to the soul, healing the body, and clearing the mind. 
       Therapeutic - provides relaxation, stress relief, healing on all levels. $100 / 60min, $150 / 90min
       Deep Energy - releases deep energetic blocks for physical and emotional wellness. $100 / 60min, $150 / 90min
       Prenatal - provides relaxation and gentle healing in Divine energy.  $100 / 60min, $150 / 90min