The Illuminas, or the light centers of the light body, are newly developing energetic light centers in the outermost part of our energy field: our light field. These light centers go beyond the chakras as they are crystalline in form, allowing more of our spiritual light to be held in our daily Earth experience. There are 13 illuminas, or light centers, which all embody different aspects of living in our light. 

The Illuminas: The Light Centers of The Light Body gives detailed information on the structure and meaning of the light centers, how they can be used for spiritual evolvement, and their importance in our lives, as well as to the Earth as a whole. The book itself holds energy that raises your vibration as you read it. LoveLight meditations are provided at the back of the book for assistance in developing your light centers. 

Listen to Banfield discuss this work about the newly forming light centers during her interview with Hay House Radio, in the episode The Journey To Living An Illuminated Life.

The illuminas started developing after the Earth's vibrational shift in 2012. As a higher vibration was able to enter the Earth, these higher vibrational light centers started forming in our light field, allowing us to hold the high vibration of our spirit in this experience. These light centers are crystalline in form, and dodecahedron in shape; they are able to fluctuate in size, expanding infinitely as they develop. They are all aligned vertically, allowing Divine light to flow from the Divine plane through our light centers into all aspects of the physical and subtle bodies. Working with and developing the light centers allow us to transition into living as a spirit here in this Earth experience. 

The information of the light centers was brought to this plane by Sacred Lady Mary along with the LoveLight Illuminations healing system. Although LoveLight was brought in specifically to work with these light centers in a quick, simple, and expansive way, the light centers can also be worked with through intention, meditation, and other modalities.

See the "Program" page for information on Mastering This Life: Evolving Into Your Light (Body), a 4-day transformational program that works with the light centers for a powerful and life-changing transition into living in your light. 

Cover of The Illuminas: The Light Centers of The Light Body
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It is time for us to move beyond our mindfulness of our awakened state and step into living through our spirit in each moment in peace, in love, and in joy.
— Sacred Lady Mary