This program is an offering for everyone. It accelerates your ascension process and meets you wherever you are on your spiritual path.

Mastering This Life: Living In The Light A 4 Day Vibrational Program that Transforms Your Life
These 4 days bring you into a higher vibration to access Divine within. It provides you with energy to heal quicker, the opportunity to shift your life in relationships, career, and in your personal life to live more peacefully and experience more love in your life as the true you.

Day 1: Divine Oneness (Experiencing the energy of Expansion shifts us into peace, being in Divine Oneness)
1st Light Center- Expansive You, Expansive View: You are more than this experience. Open to your expansiveness. 
2nd Light Center- See Your Light Within: Align with who you truly are: You are divine.
3rd Light Center- Be With Your Spirit: Blend your physical experience with your spirit.

Day 2: Divine Love (Experiencing the energy of Quantum Healing shifts us into loving self, allowing in Divine Love)
4th Light Center- Renew Harmony: Understand how to have harmony in all situations. Restore healthy boundaries.
5th Light Center- Recognize the True You: Let go of what you no longer need to live from your authentic self.
6th Light Center- Allow Yourself Pure Love: Allow your true nature to nurture yourself.

Day 3: Divine Grace (Experiencing the energy of Sacred Water shifts us into joy, flowing in Divine Grace)
7th Light Center- Follow Your Inner Guidance: Be in divine flow and allow the mind to let go.
8th Light Center- Elevate Your Awareness: Expand your perspective.
9th Light Center- Flow as Your Spirit: Connect with higher self.

Day 4: Divine Light (Experiencing the energy of Crystalline Light shifts us into our spiritual vibration, letting in Divine Light)
10th Light Center- Awaken Your Divine Creativity: Let divine inspiration be channeled through you.
11th Light Center- Accept Yourself Divinely: Explore all aspects of yourself within the universe.
12th Light Center- Let Yourself Live in Your Light: Let guides take you on a divine journey. Experience "I am" part of everything. 

13th Light Center- Radiating Your Light: Be in Oneness, Allowing in Love, Flowing in Grace, Letting Yourself Be in Your Light.

How does the program work?
The program works with high vibrational energy and your newly evolving light centers that are located in the outermost layer of your energy field. These light centers are called Illuminas. The Illuminas allow us to raise our vibration rapidly to be in the higher energy of our spiritual light. Essentially, we are evolving with our spiritual energy in a human body raising the frequency for ascension on earth.

Personal Investment: $500

This is program runs from about 9am-3pm each day.

For registration, please call (207) 216-9584 or email
Please contact us for further information about the program or a list of places to stay.