Enhance Your Work
If you are a healer, businessperson, or going through your personal journey and would like to enhance your work or personal life, attuning with the LoveLight energy aligns you with your Divine frequency. Bringing more of your spirit into your everyday living allows your work and abilities to expand, flowing for the highest benefit. Being aligned with your Divine frequency:

-expands your experiences
-enhances your performance in your work
-removes need for clearing or energetic setup of workspace
-brings clarity and pureness to your work
-allows stronger energetic boundaries
-brings conscious and energetic alignment with your path
-provides efficiency, openness, and ease to work and personal life

How do you attune with LoveLight for aligning with Divine self?
The program, Mastering This Life: Evolving Into Your Light (Body), is beneficial for all in every day life, and in any occupation. The thirteen Overtures (classes) and The Grand Sequence (4-day retreat) provide alignment with your Divine frequency for enhancing your work and personal life. See "Classes & Retreats" page for detailed information.

Personal Investment:
Overtures (Class) - $35 each                                                                                                                                                 
Grand Sequence (4 day retreat) - $500
Segues (2 day continuative in-depth supportive workshops) - $250


Practitioner Training
Prerequisite is Mastering This Life: Evolving Into Your Light (Body)
(Either the thirteen Overtures, four Segues, or 4-day Grand Sequence)

Learn how to use LoveLight energy to attune others to their Divine frequency. Practitioner training is for those called to working with this energy, as a strong and clear message that this is their purpose, and not as an energy modality to add to their toolbox. The LoveLight energy does not work with other modalities, and therefore LoveLight Practitioners are only able to use LoveLight energy (attuning with LoveLight for alignment with Divine self allows healers to work more with ease and openness in other modalities- see "Enhance Your Work"). The practitioner training is highly guided and highly personalized as you are taken through deep healing and energetic shifts into a new way of being. Training levels are broken into sections for time for healing and experiences with Sacred Lady Mary. 

Prerequisite is Mastering This Life: Evolving Into Your Light (Body) either the thirteen Overtures or 4-day retreat, The Grand Sequence, as they are energetically equal for evolving into your light. If you are unsure if practitioner training is right for you but are being called to this modality, begin with these classes or retreat for your spiritual journey. People often find they are guided and feel clarity in direction on their path after these classes and retreat.