Mastering This Life: Evolving into Your Light (Body)

A Transpositional-Tranformational Program to Blend Fully with your Spirit. Step into your Authentic Self and your Divine light!

This program is a personal journey for all, wherever you are on your spiritual path. This program is not Practitioner Training. 

This program invites you to evolve more quickly into a more radiant you! Through a series of vibrational exercises and experiences, you are invited to fully shift into your spiritual self to live in peace, in love, and in joy. This is a transpositional program that can shift you from living as a human with a spirit, to living as a spirit in a human body. The program is powerful, elevating your vibration to blend with your spirit in this physical experience.

Release blocks
Raise your vibration
Let go of patterns
Fill Yourself with Love
Manifest Abundance
Create Your Reality
Connect with Divine
Blend with Your Spirit
Live with Peace Love and Joy

How does the program work?
The program works with our newly evolving light centers in our light field. These light centers are crystalline in form, which actually hold our spiritual light here in this Earth experience, more than ever possible before. The Overtures are vibrational experiences that correspond to each light center (illumina), healing around the aspects each one holds to move into fully living in our light. The Grand Sequence: "Evolving Into Your Light" is the 4-day program covering all 13 Overtures, as a powerful, fluid, and continuous movement in evolving into your light body. Each day of the program will have exercises guided with Divine frequencies for transitioning into four different aspects of being in your spirit: being in Divine oneness, allowing in Divine love, flowing in Divine grace, and letting in Divine light. These four aspects are addressed within each Overture, day of The Grand Sequence, and also in the continuative supportive workshops (Segues) through the energy of expansion, quantum healing, sacred water, and crystalline light. 

The Grand Sequence “Evolving Into Your Light”
The Grand Sequence (4 day program) invites you into full illumination of your light body.

The Grand Sequence energetically moves you through all 13 overtures to evolve into your light. This LoveLight spiritual retreat is a 4 day transpositional journey – energetically inspiring and assisting in transposing this life experience from a physical being with a spirit into a spiritual being with a physical body. We can live as our true self with pure intentions from our spiritual awareness creating a life of abundance and gratitude.

The program is a quick way to expand your light, integrating vibrational shifts into mind, body, and spirit, and blending the spiritual and physical way of being. You will be invited to shift in vibration, moving more into your crystalline light body by incorporating work with the quantum space corresponding to each light center. This offers new ways of being, living and experiencing with awareness and a sense of peace and joy in each moment. Step into your Light. You deserve to be your full potential.

The overtures are divided into 4 different sequences, each encompassing similar concepts and ascential aspects representing each day of the program; Divine Oneness, Divine Love, Divine Grace, and Divine Light.

Day 1: Divine Oneness Overtures (Experiencing the energy of Expansion shifts us into peace, being in Divine Oneness)
1st Light Center- Expansive You, Expansive View: You are more than this experience. Open to your expansiveness. 
2nd Light Center- See Your Light Within: Align with who you truly are: You are divine.
3rd Light Center- Be With Your Spirit: Blend your physical experience with your spirit.

Day 2: Divine Love Overtures (Experiencing the energy of Quantum Healing shifts us into loving self, allowing in Divine Love)
4th Light Center- Renew Harmony: Understand how to have harmony in all situations. Restore healthy boundaries.
5th Light Center- Recognize the True You: Let go of what you no longer need to live from your authentic self.
6th Light Center- Allow Yourself Pure Love: Allow your true nature to nurture yourself.

Day 3: Divine Grace Overtures (Experiencing the energy of Sacred Water shifts us into joy, flowing in Divine Grace)
7th Light Center- Follow Your Inner Guidance: Be in divine flow and allow the mind to let go.
8th Light Center- Elevate Your Awareness: Expand your perspective.
9th Light Center- Flow as Your Spirit: Connect with higher self.

Day 4: Divine Light Overtures (Experiencing the energy of Crystalline Light shifts us into our spiritual vibration, letting in Divine Light)
10th Light Center- Awaken Your Divine Creativity: Let divine inspiration be channeled through you.
11th Light Center- Accept Yourself Divinely: Explore all aspects of yourself within the universe.
12th Light Center- Let Yourself Live in Your Light: Let guides take you on a divine journey. Experience "I am" part of everything. 

13th Light Center- Radiating Your Light: Be in Oneness, Allowing in Love, Flowing in Grace, Letting Yourself Be in Your Light.

Personal Investment: $500
9am-3pm each day. Please see "Calendar" page for upcoming scheduled dates.
To Sign Up: Please call (207) 216-9584 or email


The Segues (2 day workshop)
The Segues are 2 day workshops recommended for deeper work after the The Grand Sequence. They are a supportive continuation of healing and releasing around specific concepts in depth.
Each divine group of overtures (or day of the program) has a corresponding 2 day workshop called a Segue. The Segues are experiential workshops that offer a deeper integration of these concepts into the body and being. 

Divine Oneness Segue –  “Being in Divine Oneness”
Divine Love Segue – "Allowing in Divine Love”
Divine Grace Segue – "Flowing in Divine Grace"
Divine Light Segue – "Letting in Divine Light"

Personal Investment: $250 / Segue
Please contact us about scheduling the Segue you are interested in, or if you would like assistance in receiving clarity for which would be the best fit for you.

To Sign Up: Please call (207) 216-9584 or email