LoveLight Illuminations is a powerful energy healing system offering individual healing, workshops, and a light mastery program for accelerated healing and spiritual growth.

The Illuminations of LoveLight are Divine experiences offering opportunity for awakening to true self, healing mind body spirit and soul, shifting perspective and evolving spiritual abilities.

We welcome you to discover your true Divine self, enhance your Divine gifts and radiate your beautiful light within. 

CHERYL BANFIELD  Lovelight Practitioner/Founder

Lovelight Practitioner/Founder

While receiving an angelic healing from a dear colleague in January 2010, Mother Mary appeared with a message of a new healing system that would be pure, powerful and simple.

I am blessed to be able to share this profound and expansive system for healing and enlightenment.
Love and Light,


We want to share with you that Cheryl Banfield and The LoveLight Center have been featured on the We Blog The World, an on-line magazine dedicated to Transformative Travel, at a crossroads of where adventure, wellness and luxury meet. This article features Cheryl's work as directed by Mother Mary, including information on LoveLight Illuminations, her book, The Illuminas: The Light Centers of The Light Body, and information on The LoveLight Center in Wells, ME.

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