The LoveLight energy, whether you experience it in an individual treatment session, spiritual retreat, overture (vibrational class), or simply by entering The LoveLight Center, offers whatever is in your highest benefit in that moment (release, shift, healing, awareness, etc.). The LoveLight energy is high vibrational and can move us very quickly towards blending with our spirit. We recognize that each person is on a very unique spiritual journey, and LoveLight energy is an offering to assist in accelerating and easing people's personalized journey towards a life filled with peace, love, and joy. 

As the LoveLight energy is powerful and can move us quickly, we have a few supportive tools that assist in easing the shifts. When we raise our vibration, our physical body can also experience shifts. These supportive tools allow us move through our healing and release of what we no longer need with assistance and ease. 

Please Note: This is an informational page on the spiritual tools we offer. These items are for purchase at our boutique located at: 
The LoveLight Center   2089 Post Rd Wells, ME 04090

There are two types of LoveLight infused Spiritual Tools: 

Evolving into Your Light Body Tools: These tools are running the energy of the program Mastering This Life: Evolving Into Your Light Body to assist those who are looking for specific energetic assistance around the concepts held by each light center (see page "Classes & Retreats" or refer to the book The Illuminas: The Light Centers of The Light Body). These tools are for those who feel guided to use them, whether or not the classes or spiritual retreat has been taken. These tools are working with the energy of just being in Divine oneness, allowing in Divine love, flowing in Divine grace, and letting it be in Divine light. They are always running the energy to what is in your highest benefit in the moment, and shift with you along your journey.

LoveLight General & Deep Healing Tools: These tools not only work with the light body, but are running the LoveLight energy in a way of healing and assisting with whatever is in the highest benefit in the moment. These tools correspond to the individual treatment sessions and provide expansive healing on many levels. The LoveLight energy infused in these tools will evolve and move with you along your journey. 

LoveLight CDs: Channeled healings using the Quartz Crystal Harp
Being In Divine Oneness
Allowing In Divine Love
Flowing In Divine Grace
Letting In Divine Light

Expansion Series
Quantum Healing Series
Sacred Water Series
Crystalline Light Series

Acsential Oils: Essential Oils Infused with LoveLight Energy, each corresponding to one of the illuminas (light centers) for developing the light body and blending with your spirit for ascension work
Self Love
Expanded Awareness
Divine Wholeness
Divine Communication
Divine Connection
Divine Wisdom

Light Body Energy Art: A series of 13 paintings corresponding to each of the illuminas (light centers) running the energy of the program Evolving Into Your Light Body for healing and light body evolvement. 
Ascending Balance
Hearth Space
Cilic Tones
Sacred Transposition
Humil Process
Par Quay Resonance
Tonal Movements
Accelerated Universal Currents
Jubilant Waters
Source Orb
Cosmic Phenomenon
Crystalline Frequency
Infinite Radiance

Vibrational Paintings: Channeled and custom paintings for deep self healing and general healing. There is a wide selection of these paintings in the boutique, and custom paintings can also be ordered.