Here is information about energy and spirit state that you may find helpful.

Everything around us is energy, including us.
 We are healthy when our natural flow of energy is uninhibited. Positive free flowing energy is an integral factor for healthy living, strengthening our immune system to minimize illness and disease, optimizing creativity, maintaining our daily energy levels, and helping us to feel peaceful in our surroundings.

All energy can impact other energy. 
There are different types of energy in our surroundings. Some energy has a supportive and healthy impact on us and some energy can be disruptive, negatively impacting health significantly.

Home/property clearing - Disruptive or blocked energy can impact a person’s health, behavior, reactions to others, and their environment. Clearing negative or blocked energy in the home allows for a natural flow of healthy, positive energy. Clearing can include personal items, furniture, jewelry, land, and buildings to name a few.

Spirit energy - spirit energy impacts us too, and their energy is impacted if they are stuck here in the earth plane.  We can assist them if their energy is stuck. It is important to realize some of our loved ones have stuck energy and need assistance. 

The health of spirit energy is important. Not everyone crosses over easily and many often look for assistance. We all want love and peace for our loved ones when they pass away.  Having your loved one’s spirit around is comforting but sometimes they are present and not yet transitioned fully into their higher spiritual state. Be sure they have crossed over and returned. Crossing over means they have released their earthly pain, struggles, and discomfort and have transitioned into a spirit state of awareness to help and guide us.

Some spirits have sadly been stuck for many years, and though they can communicate and help us, they are not fully transitioned into their higher state of awareness. We all have a journey for our spirit, and sometimes we need assistance. Spirits that appear to have negative or disruptive energy are those who have been stuck too long and the energy has become emotionally unhealthier (for example, anger or grief has grown stronger.) Their energy needs to be released to the angels for full transition.

If you are not sure if you have spirits that need assistance or have questions, please contact us as we are able to determine their state and ways to fully assist them.