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In The Light of Your Soul: A Light Mastery Program

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Mother Mary has been an important guide for both of the facilitators of this retreat, Karen Paolino Correia and Cheryl Banfield. Through divine intervention she guided Karen and Cheryl to combine their modalities to create a powerful experiential 4 day retreat where you will heal from an ego driven life and awake the illumination and the true potential of your soul.

Day One: Expanding in the Light of Your Soul
Day Two: Healing or Nourishing in the Light of Your Soul
Day Three: Elevating Your Vibration in the Light of Your Soul
Day Four: Connecting & Illuminating in the Light of Your Soul

Karen will facilitate dissolving the illusion of the ego self and illuminating the Soul’s Essence. Cheryl will facilitate evolving into your light, learning about your newly evolved light centers of your light

Thursday– Day One– Expanding in the Light of Your Soul

The Morning with Karen…
The Practice of Surrender to Remember
Awakening the Heart Center- Healing with Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness
Awakening your Sense and Knowing of Self- Your True Potential and Worth 

The Afternoon with Cheryl…
1st Light Center – Awareness of Divine within Self
2nd Light Center – Alignment with Pure Divine Light
3rd Light Center – Acceptance of Divine Self


Friday Day 2 –Healing and Nourishing in the Light of Your Soul

The Morning with Karen…
Bringing Light to Your Relationships
Rebirthing your Innocence, Aliveness and Creativity
Experience a Soul Journey to Know ThySelf- Connect with your Joy and Purpose 

 The Afternoon with Cheryl…
4th Light Center – Understanding in Divine Truth 
5th Light Center – Recognizing True Self
6th Light Center – Allowing and Experiencing Divine Love

Saturday Day 3- Elevating Your Vibration in the Light of Your Soul

The Morning with Karen…
Healing the Untruths to Live and Express your Truth
Discern the Difference between the Messages of your Ego vs. your Soul
Expanding Your Divine Intuition

The Afternoon with Cheryl…
7th Light Center – Shifting the Mind for a Higher Perspective
8th Light Center – Stepping into an Expansive Awareness
9th Light Center – Flowing in Guidance from Higher Self


Sunday Day Four- Connecting and Illuminating in the Light of Your Soul

Karen Opening Meditation and Cheryl Continues with…

10th Light Center – Opening Channels of Communication
11th Light Center – Connecting with All in Wholeness of Expanded Existence
12th Light Center – Knowing in Divine Wisdom

Closing- Welcome Home-
Healing and Expanding in Divine Oneness
Illumination in Divine Oneness


Date: Thursday February 28th 10:00 AM to Sunday March 3rd 1:00 PM
Investment: $888.00 Includes all meals, lodging, and tuition for the 4 Day Event
Where: Glastonbury Abbey, Hingham, MA

**Please note that this retreat is limited to 20 participants

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Later Event: March 1
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