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Class 4 of Mastering This Life: Evolving Into Your Light (Body)

Class 4 is "Living In Harmony" 

Being in harmony with everything around you. Restore healthy boundaries. This class supports being in harmony within self and the world around you. The class offers an opportunity to shift to be able to respond through your true spiritual nature rather than feel the need to react with emotion. The class allows clarity and deeper understanding around energetic concepts such as people react from their own unhealed self and pure intentions from higher self are often underlying.

This is class 4 of a 13 class transformative program to bring yourself from living as a human being with a spirit to living as your spiritual self in a physical body. This opens the world up to a new expanded perspective of living in your light, embracing who your truly are and living with peace, love and joy.


The classes will be continually offered each month. Please signup by emailing or call The LoveLight Center 207-216-9584.
Personal Investment: $35/class.