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Divine Oneness Segue Part 1 (Workshop)

This is the first day of the Divine Oneness Segue. This two-day workshop corresponds to Classes 1-3 of the program Mastering This Life: Evolving Into Your Light (Body). This segue allows for a deeper integration of the concepts corresponding to Light Centers 1-3: you are more than this physical experience, connect to your spiritual self, allow the state of just being, and blend spiritual self with universal oneness. 

This Segue is part of a transformative program, Mastering This Life: Evolving Into Your Light (Body), to bring yourself from living as a human being with a spirit to living as your spiritual self in a physical body. This opens the world up to a new expanded perspective of living in your light, embracing who your truly are and living with peace, love and joy.

Please call for signup by emailing or call The LoveLight Center 207-216-9584.

Personal Investment: $250
Divine Oneness Package (Class 1-3 & Segue): $300 ($55 savings)