Take time for yourself and allow us to help you bring your mind, body, and soul into balance. Enjoy a relaxed and insightful experience as your energies align to support positive direction in your life. You deserve a life filled with love, joy, and infinite opportunities. Experience the Illuminations of the LoveLight energy to restore your wellness and evolve with your spirit.

Intuitive / Mediumship Readings: $50 / 30 minutes, $100 / 60 minutes
Spiritual guidance for direction and transitions in life

LoveLight Energy Healing $25 / 15 minutes, $50 / 30 minutes, $100 / 60 minutes
Can include one or a combination of the following:
           -Illumina Healing works with light centers for acceleration of spiritual awareness, opening abilities, and connection to higher self.
          -CORE Healing (Conflict Origin Releasing Experience) removes energetic blocks, emotions, patterns, and past life memories to allow natural healing of the physical body.
          -LoveLight Crystal Healing quartz crystal and sacred geometry are used to enhance and accelerate ascension work. Helps to balance the integration of spiritual and physical experience.
          -Out of Body Experience provides the opportunity to allow: Opening to meet angels and guides, connecting with loved ones, spirit guides, and angels, and experiencing the Spiritual/Divine plane.

LoveLight Mind/Body/Soul Touch:  $50 / 30 minutes, $100 / 60 minutes
Hands-on techniques to clear the mind, release physical pain, and removes soul energetic blocks to support and accelerate ascension work.

LoveLight Massage: Traditional massage is taken to a higher vibration by combining the LoveLight. Soothing the soul, healing the body, and clearing the matters of the mind. 
          -Aromatherapy Massage for Relaxation/Renewal or Detox/Reenergize $70 / 50min
          -Therapeutic Massage provides relaxation, stress relief, healing on all levels. $90 / 60min, $125 / 90min
          -Deep Energy Massage releases deep energetic blocks for physical and emotional wellness. $125 / 60min, $175 / 90min

LoveLight Body Therapy:  $75 / 45 minutes, $100 / 60 minutes
Enjoy a peaceful experience as you and your therapist gently move your energy with touch points and simple movements of the body. 

LoveLight Clearing:  $25 / 15 minutes, $50 / 30 minutes, $100 / 60 minutes  
          Personal energy clearing and protection refreshes and positively revitalizes energy, bringing peace of mind and clarity while opening the natural flow of healthy energy. Sets full protection with Divine alignment for on-going clearing and protection.                                               Home/Property/Spirit clearing involves releasing or directing the energy for optimal flow. Clearing also includes healing spirits that are stuck and lovingly assisting them with their natural journey. Refer to the 'Clearings' page for further information.