The LoveLight Center is a portal of pure Divine energy offering a variety of treatments to heal, nourish, awaken, and evolve your spiritual self. The LoveLight energy runs differently in each room, providing unique experiences. The Center opened in January of 2015, as directed and designed by Mother Mary. We invite you to experience the Divine offerings in this sacred space! 

Please Note: Although we work closely with Sacred Lady Mary, Jesus, and the Archangels, the energy is Divine and inclusive of all religions and spiritual views. 

Experience the Divine offerings at The LoveLight Center:

  • Individual healing sessions (please visit the "Treatments" page for details) offer transformational spiritual and physical wellness through various energy healing treatments, spiritual reflexology, and massage.

  • NEW! LoveLight Yoga: Enjoy this gentle flow while using the light centers in your energy field for a unique and expansive experience. All levels welcome! Fridays 9-10am & 6-7pm, Saturdays 10-11am. $11 Drop in

  • 4-Day Program: Mastering This Life: Evolving Into Your Light Body, which accelerates spiritual evolvement and physical wellness (Please visit "Program" page for more details. See scheduled Program dates on the "Calendar" page)

  • Two experiential rooms: The LoveLight Vortex Room where there is no veil to the spirit plane, and The Sacred Water Room to experience flowing with your spirit. Experience the heavy feeling of the high vibrational energy, and open to receive healing and messages. These two rooms are offered during the Center hours; feel free to come in and try them! (The Sacred Water room is one of the four rooms running the energy that corresponds to the transformational program, Mastering This Life: Evolving Into Your Light Body)

  • Three vibrational rooms reserved for individual healing and treatment sessions: The Expansion Room, The Quantum Healing Room, and The Crystalline Light Room. These rooms are running the LoveLight energy in three specific ways that correspond to the transformational program, Mastering This Life: Evolving Into Your Light Body.

  • FREE Quartz Crystal Harp Sound Healing at 12pm (about a half hour) Join us for a high vibrational sound healing Tuesdays through Saturdays for relaxation, healing, release, or whatever is needed in the moment.

  • LoveLight Labyrinth in the Crystal Garden with a Divine Energy Vortex as a center, located on the back lawn behind the parking lot. Step into this meditative walk on top of a Divine Vortex, surrounded by gardens and crystals. Walk the inner path to release what you no longer need, and walk the outer path to step into the future! (This is a very broad definition of the LoveLight Labyrinth, and you can have much more expansive experiences!)

  • Visit The LoveLight Boutique offering crystals and spiritual tools infused with LoveLight energy!

    • Lightcatchers- to clear spaces and raise vibration

    • Vibrational Paintings- providing deep CORE release of stuck energy, issues, or patterns/behaviors, and change with you along your journey

    • Illumina Energy Art- paintings working specifically with the newly forming illuminas in our light field, accelerating spiritual evolvement

    • Energy Terrariums- air plant zen gardens

    • and more!

The LoveLight boutique- Crystals, spiritual tools, and handmade Lovelight gifts (made by practitioners)

the illuminations room- set up for out of body experiences

the illuminations room- set up for the noontime crystal harp sound healing (tuesdays-saturdays)

LOVELIGHT energy vortex room- experience archangels and guides

the sacred water room- experience FLOWING with your spirit

The Quantum Healing room- allows a divine vibration for a healing experience to bring the body toward optimal health

LoveLight Labyrinth & Crystal garden

LoveLight Labyrinth & Crystal garden

The LoveLight Center 2089 Post Rd (Rte. 1), Wells, ME